RIISE x Foile

Images + HMU | Cedar Purchase

Talent | Mancie Rathod

A visual collaboration exploring the connection between sustainability and considered design.

In this visual collaboration with RIISE Shop we explore the connection between conscious consumerism and good design. The importance of longevity paired with considered design equates to offering a product that is not only gentle on the environment, but gentle on the eyes, and made to last. We believe there should be no compromise when exploring our consumer footprint and being drawn to well designed products. Find Foile at RIISE Shop amongst their well considered line-up of local and international makers and designers.

"Valuing beauty in design feels like a progressive notion. Well considered design practices are crucial as they propel us towards long standing connections through a higher sense of reverence which helps to further dispel fast consumption - I believe we are also more likely to give second thought to disposal."

Alexandra Grima, Foile Co-Founder

“A lot of messaging in the sustainability space is around buying less, but we think it’s just as valid to invest in the things you truly love. Products that are well designed, look beautiful and work become part of the furniture of our everyday lives. When we make purchases with this sort of longevity in mind, we’re disrupting the linear ‘buy, use, dispose’ narrative and moving to a more circular model. It’s better for us and it’s better for the planet.”

Liz Roberts, RIISE Deputy CEO

"Foile’s Classic Face Oils Are The Products That Let Me (Finally) Join The Oil Revolution"

Words by Courtney Kruk, RIISE World features writer.

"I’ll keep this brief: my [prior] experience using coconut oil on my face did not end in supple, well-hydrated skin. This less-than-desirable result put me off using any kind of oil on my face for a long time. Enter: Foile’s Marula Face Oil. Could it be true? My skin felt softer and smoother, and appeared more full and hydrated. After that bottle ran dry, I felt confident enough to keep face oil in my routine. The second time round, I tried Foile’s Hemp Face Oil. Result: it helped combat redness and retain moisture.


Any day now, I expect to start fielding questions about how I’ve achieved this uber-hydrated look. And, as I blind people with my radiant complexion, my answer will be: Foile’s classics."


Courtney’s #ThisIsCool is all about how Foile helped her become her glowiest, dewiest self. Read the full article here.