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How to feel good in my skin (again & again)

- A personal guide & written reminder.


Take a minute. Take off your shoes. Take a look.

An actual, honest look.

Now, decide and - finally - take a little extra care of yourself.


Like proper care, extra care and because you need it, for what appears like - more than others. 

And i’m talking real care, less bullshitting yourself.


More walks, more swims; more solitude. Moderation.

Ok, and maybe - a little more compassion.


More men’s clothes.. like drill; workwear; like Hard Yakka - and more often! 

Holes/ paint/ dirt, the more derelict the better.


Now – just begin to feel what it feels like to feel more like yourself.

More grounded, and gathered and dare i say, more beautiful.. more than any bloody dress could ever make you feel.


Also, feel free to feel sexy again! Slash feel more confident having it.






Now - please write! I know it’s new to you but I also know how it makes you feel and that you also feel it’s part reason what you’re here for.


Keep saying yes to honest yeses, and no to all the “fuck no’s”; listening to yourself and listening less to others.


Keep bathing, basking and laying down just that little longer; a lot longer.. actually feeeel your breathe fill your lungs.

Also, fuck you feel a lot.


Never stop living for 8am ;), 5pm ;) (am i right) and ofcourse, croissants..


Now finally, feel how good you feel in your skin. (again)