November 2021

Jonas Nutter

Interview | Joe Brennan

Images | Costa Virtanen

Talent | Jonas Nutter


Can you describe a moment or experience that reshaped your relationship to 'beauty'?
My first experience, or perhaps awareness, of beauty was of course from my mother. We grew up by the ocean and it was my mother's astounding lack of a traditional routine surrounding her self-care that founded my belief in 'more is less' when treating my skin. Swimming in the ocean was my twice-daily cleanse – now it's combined with a natural sunscreen and evening moisturiser to be the extent of my skincare routine. However, as I become more aware of the benefits certain products excite in my skin I have become a believer in seasonal shifts in skin love.

Is there a guiding principle to your design practice?
The performance of 'more is less' is spread through much of my practice. I tend to design humble and honest spaces or projects that build upon a natural celebration of space and place, provoking juvenile excitement and joy through raw materials and strange configurations of form.

What rituals make you feel most at home in your body, even when you're far from home?
A walk and a stretch make me feel instantly grounded in any strange or unfamiliar environment. It sounds perhaps a little obvious, but physically interacting with the environment I find myself in, either temporarily or long-term, forces me to be present and create comfort often by means of discomfort.

You have such an eye for beautiful object design. Do you have any advice for a novice collector?
I get really excited when looking at pieces to collect and often fawn over items far, far out of my financial or spatial budget. Thus my chip of advice, choose wisely! In that same breath put your apprehension about your wallet aside and follow brash gut feelings. The pieces I value the most were more often than not the result of impulse purchases and lusty obsessions!