An interview with Zali Rae Bartholomew


Images | Gareth and Zali’s mum Hailey

Northern Rivers based ceramicist and artist Zali Rae Bartholomew catches up with Foile this Mother's Day. As a new mum to baby Nelson, Zali tells us about how her relationship to beauty has changed since entering motherhood, and how her own mum’s relationship to beauty has influenced hers.


Has motherhood changed your relationship to beauty?
Yes I think it has, in a way it seems to have become such a small part of something much bigger, which is general wellness. As I have way less time as well, it’s harder to spend as much time as I previously would have on my own beauty routine. Now all I care about is putting beautiful products on my skin that feel really good and allow my body to produce its own natural glow!


Has your beauty routine changed since having Nelson?
Haha, definitely! As time is so much less, it’s much simpler (and often a little rushed). Any time I do get to apply some skincare, I want to be using the most nourishing products that will allow my body to heal and look after itself. 


What does your skincare routine look like?
A nice cleanser and toner and some hydrating oils. It’s been stripped back to the bare minimum but in a way I truly like it more. 


How has your Mum’s approach to beauty influenced your own?
Hers has always been super simple, always a lot of thought and care about what products and what they have in them as well. Which has become super important to me, especially now being a mum myself. We are what we put on and put in our bodies, so the simpler and more natural the ingredients the better is something she really tried to instil in me I feel.


What is one skincare tip that’s been passed down to you from your Mum?
Less is more I would say! Covering things will only delay the effect as well, letting your pores be open and free without clogging them up with lots of harsh chemicals is a big one. Let your skin breathe is something she’d always say. @zalirae