An interview with Penny Lane

Interview | Cedar Purchase


You started Alterior Motif 20 years ago this year. You have a strong ethos of supporting local and inspiring conscious living. How has sustainability evolved in becoming an essential practice within your business and day-to-day life since opening in 2003?
Supporting local has been an integral part of our business since the beginning of Alterior Motif. It was always part of our business model to support local brands and creatives within our community and it still is, we are proud to say that we currently stock 12 Sunshine Coast local brands in our brand list. Sustainability is certainly driven by our brands and the people we work with, and has evolved into an ongoing conversation about manufacturing practices within the industry and how we can support each other in bettering those practises and actioning them across the workplace.


What defines beauty for you?
Beauty is being genuine. In your personality and how you exist in the world. We are all so different and being genuine means accepting our unique selves, and that in others.


What was the last experience, song, visual or feeling that evoked a deep sense of beauty?
In my recent trip to Hawaii, we encountered sea turtles in the ocean, every day. In Hawaiian culture, their belief is that their ancestors have a physical presence in different forms of nature, and you can feel that energy, or “mana” in the islands. I found myself thinking of that, every time we came across a turtle friend. It was such a beautiful feeling, they are so calm and unfazed, like old souls.


Has there been a moment in time that has challenged or changed your perception of beauty?
Turning 40 a few years ago.. Beauty has become more about being healthy and happy than just physicality. You reach an age where you are visibly ageing and your mind is learning acceptance of something that you can’t control. I like to think I am enjoying aging gracefully. I believe it is a privilege getting older, so I try hard to keep my body and mind healthy. Having a 9 year old son, I want to be positive, active and living my best life with him for many more years.


What does the future of fashion and beauty in the wellness and sustainability landscape look like to you?
I am staying positive about the future of our industry. There are some incredible brands out there that are leading the charge in educating and actioning more sustainable, organic and inclusive practices, it really does boil down to consumers understanding it and making that choice and supporting those businesses. That is when we will see consequential change.


What is your favourite Foile product and why?
The Skin Sponge Serum paired with the Angel Eye Jellies, because as a busy mum, sleep is sometimes a challenge, and they make me look and feel like I have actually slept!