July 2021

Emily Van Loon

Interview + images | Joe Brennan

Talent | Emily Van Loon


Can you describe a moment or experience that reshaped your relationship to 'beauty'?
Quite shockingly to me, I found my belly so beautiful those few days after giving birth. The squishy, floppy belly that slowly contracted back into place absolutely blew me away and I definitely appreciate that the wonders of the human body have reshaped a part of what I find to be beautiful. 

What are your go-to sources of inspiration when it comes to your design practice?
I love a good session on Pinterest or designspiration but I do find that the strongest ideas come from other more unanticipated moments such as a set in a film or a song playing in a shop say. I’ll investigate these moments and discover a trail of gems to draw inspiration from.

What has been the most rewarding part of opening Small's Deli with your partner Ben?
It’s been a journey of trial and error but it would seem that people seem to like what was once just an idea in our heads, this is very rewarding and we are not resting on our laurels. It’s a fickle industry.