An interview with Edward West

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How has working closely with flowers informed your understanding of 'beauty'?
It’s made me appreciate nature in all its detail. Flowers create the best shapes, patterns and colour combinations, and their fleeting nature is to me the ultimate expression of beauty. It’s something to behold, appreciate and enjoy. True beauty doesn’t exist without the natural world.


What do you find the most satisfying element of your work at Poho and Edan Flowers?
It’s the people I work with each and every day, my team and our amazing growers. Working with talented creatives provides me with so much inspiration and joy, challenges me and makes me want to learn and grow myself.


Is there a key to having a good eye for floral arrangement?
There are really two core elements to being able to put together a beautiful arrangement. One is the technical side and, to be honest, this can be taught. The second is an understanding of style, shape, colour and form. That can’t be taught or learned, it’s in our DNA and we all express it in different ways. 


If you were to fill your home with just one flower, which would you choose?
For me this changes seasonally but one flower that always steals my heart is the poppy. I love the squiggly shapes they create, the way they move in the wind and the romantic colours they come in. Even their little imperfections are perfect and I swear they actually smile.


 Blue Bottle Foile Classic Face Oil on White Sink With Cotton Muslin Face Cloth