An interview with Phillipa Moorfoot


What is something that has changed your perception of beauty?
Age has changed my perception. Experiencing all parts of life, the good, the bad and the ugly really builds a resilience and appreciation for our bodies and I can’t help but feel amazed and grateful. 

What was the last song you listened to and what have you got on repeat? 
Force of Habit by Paris Texas, they are one of my new favourites. Otherwise, The Strokes are always playing at home and work. 

What does your skincare routine look like?
My skincare routine is a ritual for me, it doesn’t take me long but it’s a moment of calm that I herish. I wash with warm water, apply my vitamin c serum, jelly moisturiser and sunscreen (never forget sunscreen). The daily jelly moisturiser gives my sin the most beautiful glow – even my boyfriend has been using it. 

What's your ride or die skincare or beauty product?
So hard to choose just one. I think it would be the Westman Atelier Lit Up highlight stick, it gives the most natural dewy highlight with no sparkles that just looks like summer. 

What/who inspires your perception of beauty?
The women that surround me. Everyone is on their own path and it’s so beautiful to see them embrace life and the journey it takes us on. It’s hard not to be inspired by them.