An interview with Myra Spencer

Interview | Alexandra Grima
Images | Dom Sullivan
MAY 2022


When did you start your practice with Post Sole? What outlet existed creatively for you before this?
I started Post Sole with my business partner Breeze in 2014 after the company we previously worked for decided to close its doors. The opportunity to purchase everything we needed to continue making shoes for some iconic Melbourne brands of the time was too good to pass up. We were both adept at making shoes by hand, however the challenge become learning how to produce them utilising the machinery we purchased. Before starting Post Sole my creative outlet was shoes! I had a small business called shoesbymyra and I made custom shoes to order and also did shoe repairs. I actually find repairing shoes really cathartic and something that gets my creative juices flowing. It’s very satisfying restoring thing's to their original glory.

Are there new joys in your work that differ from when you first started?
There is a real joy (and sense of satisfaction) in continuing to master and perfect my shoe making skills. Initially I felt alot of frustration & self doubt about my skillset, however now its more-so enjoyment and confidence.

What was the intention behind creating the Ode Collective space?
Ode was born out of the need for re-establishing a sense of community, following the last few years of lockdowns and closures. It was also an opportunity to have a brick & mortar space to showcase our entire PSS collection (in addition to FME Apparel and other locally made wares including Foile) & connect our customers to our studio (our PSS studio is behind the Ode shopfront). The Ode space is about feeling, touching and connecting with our products. About asking for the origin story; understanding why it was made in this way and produced like that. Being in the space is like being in the heart and minds of the brands.

Which products are you currently using in your morning routine?
Mornings are a bit of a juggle with a very active toddler so there isn’t much time for anything! I wash my face with warm water in the shower using the Foile Muslin cloth - which is a game changer from having grown up on regular face washers. Then its a serum/hydrating cream/sunscreen/tinted moisturiser and a little blush!

If you had to scale back your skincare to one product, what would it be?
It would be the Foile Jojoba oil so I could do a lot of facial massage and cupping. I love a facial - especially one that involves a lot of massage.

What is a moment that reshaped your perception of beauty?
I’m not sure if I can pinpoint a moment exactly but I guess growing up with my mum as a role model. She has such a natural beauty. She has never fretted over her appearance or felt inclined to wear a lot of make up. She never felt the need to enhance her looks in anyway and I think that has shaped how I see beauty now. When I can, I do indulge in facials (mainly for the relaxation factor) and good quality skincare, but I’m not drawn to wearing make up. Beauty to me is a natural and internal radiance.